5 Benefits of Hiring Through Galaxy Personnel

24 October 2022

An excellent recruitment agency like Galaxy Personnel is the most efficient way to hire the best employees. You can find a wide range of potential employees using job boards, LinkedIn, and national media, but if you want to hire the best talent, you’ll need our assistance. More than 70% of job seekers have applied for positions for which they are not qualified. Using a recruitment agency has many advantages, including screening applicants who are ineligible for the position.

Are you a hiring manager who is considering utilising our recruitment agency? In this article, learn why it’s a good idea to hire through Galaxy Personnel.

We Have Access to the Most Qualified Candidates

Galaxy Personnel has access to a range of talented job seekers.  We currently have a database of more than a million CVs. Professional job seekers lack time to browse job boards. Instead, they work with a reliable recruiter like us to find the ideal position. Our ability to identify candidates with both technical aptitude and compatibility with your company’s values will lead to successful long-term hires. One-third of job seekers change jobs within the first year of employment. Utilise our recruitment agency to find the ideal candidate and avert this expensive statistic.

We Are Experts in Recruitment Law

The recruitment law is intricate and frequently misunderstood. Diversity in the workplace, maternity leave, wages, and unfair dismissals are some topics that cause a lot of confusion. Because we are constantly updating our knowledge of recruitment law, we can help you avoid any potential legal issues. Our legal team at Galaxy Personnel works closely with employers and recruiters to ensure that employment law is upheld both during and after the hiring process.

We Are an Industry Expert

We will provide specialised recruiters for various industries through our recruitment agency. Partner with us because we are knowledgeable about your sector and can provide insight into market trends, wage ranges, and the competencies needed to succeed there. We have access to candidates with specific skills you need for a certain position.

We Can Help You Save Time and Money 

Using our recruitment agency will save your company time and money and be quicker than internally hiring new employees. In order to save businesses time and effort, we gather and evaluate CVs, check references, and screen talented job applicants using the most effective interviewing methods. Develop a relationship with a reputable recruitment agency like us. After learning about your company and your goals, we will quickly and efficiently hire the best candidates.

We Can Help Your Business Grow

We can aid in the expansion and strengthening of your company if you build a relationship with us. Our specialised recruiters at Galaxy Personnel work with businesses of all sizes, from cutting-edge start-ups to significant multinationals, and offer recruitment, training, and outsourcing services.

By using Galaxy Personnel, you can maximise your company’s potential by finding the best talent and getting support. We offer more than just workers; we also offer talent and support to help your business grow. Contact us and start working with the best recruiter for your company.

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