6 Most Common Ways to Uncover Employment Opportunities

08 August 2022

If you are one of those jobseekers who must immediately locate new job opportunities, here are the 6 most common ways to uncover employment opportunities.

Learn to Use Job Search Platforms

By learning to use the job search platforms, the higher the chance that you will find just the job opportunity that you have long been waiting for. Using job search engines has filter options that filter out job search results that do not interest you while efficiently uncovering employment opportunities anywhere. It allows you to customise your job search and sends you daily email alerts on hiring companies.

Directly Apply for Jobs Online

You can also directly apply for jobs online. You can either search for company pages directly on Google or through social media platforms like Facebook. You can directly look for the company websites that you are interested in working for and send your cover letter and resume directly. Or you can send it thru the email provided on the company website. Targeting the website companies is proven to be an effective way to uncover employment opportunities since some companies do not sign up to search engines and only post job opportunities thru their websites. And if they are not looking to employ you for a specific job now, company recruiters may just keep you on file in case they need an application for the position that you are interested in.

Ask Your Contacts to Help You

You may also ask your contacts to help you uncover employment opportunities. Networking is an effective way to find hiring companies that match your skill set. Some companies do not advertise vacant jobs. You may know of these job opportunities by word of mouth from people you know and former colleagues. Start by making a list of your contacts that you know might know of companies that are actively recruiting for a position that matches your interest.

Attend Job Fairs

Attending a job fair to sell yourself to the recruiters that interest you, is another way to uncover an employment opportunity. During job fairs, various companies offer an on-site interview to applicants that match their requirements. For this, make sure to look your best, dress formally and appropriately, bring your resume, and prepare yourself to make a great first impression during the on-site interview with the potential employers during the job fair.

Sign with Recruitment Agencies

Signing up for some professional help when uncovering employment opportunities is another way to stay on top. Most companies find job candidates through recruitment agencies to streamline the hiring process and fill job vacancies. Thus, signing up with recruitment agencies and some job placement services may be worth considering if you want to speed up your job hunting and find more job vacancies effectively.


Employers often prefer referrals from their employees, and they even offer incentives to their employees for referring successful applicants. Thus, uncovering employment opportunities thru referrals is an effective way of finding a new job that specialises in your field.

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