AI in Recruitment: The Common Myths You Should Know

12 February 2024

AI in Recruitment

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“AI in recruitment” is the new buzzword in the business world, but it’s not just a fad—it’s a trend that is here to stay. But when ideas are new (to some), they often lead to misconceptions and fears about what the future of hiring might hold. In this blog, we will explore some of the most common myths about AI in recruitment and what the facts are about them.

Myth 1: A.I. Replaces a Face-to-Face Interview

Teams can spend less time worrying about manual tasks like setting up and rescheduling interviews and more time getting the best candidates through the process faster if more hiring tasks are automated. Some people think that recorded conversations with the help of AI are taking the place of face-to-face interviews, which makes the process less personal. Virtual are happening early in the hiring process and are meant to take the place of time-consuming phone screens and resume checks. The goal is to get the best people to the next round of face-to-face interviews faster.

Myth 2: AI Will Replace Recruiters

It seems simple to understand why this myth is so common. Why would you need recruiters if AI can look for talent, write messages to reach out to people, and even talk to them?

AI will indeed take over some jobs fully, but hiring people probably won’t be one of them. With these and many other tasks, AI is being used to help recruits do their jobs, not take over their whole roles. There will always be a need for humans because AI doesn’t have the emotional intelligence and knowledge of context that humans do. Both recruiters and job candidates are aware of this flaw and see it as a disadvantage of AI.

Myth 3: A.I. Decides Who Gets the Job

A lot of people have the wrong idea about this one, too. Hiring tools are there to help teams make decisions; the technology itself doesn’t make the choice. AI may play a big part in judging job candidates, but humans are still in charge of hiring. It is the job of algorithms to help people make decisions in an organised and consistent way that avoids human biases.

One piece of information is not enough to make a smart choice. People and AI can make the best hiring choices when they work together. AI is not a replacement for human decision-making; no decision should be based on a single scientific evaluation.

Myth #4: It’s Complicated to Use

It can be hard to understand how to develop AI hiring software, but it’s easy to use. It only takes a few clicks for AI software to do its job, thanks to its UI (User Interface). A good user interface for screening resumes will let you enter information about the job and the skills your company wants before it starts its work. The return on your investment will be felt almost right away.

AI opens up many possibilities for hiring teams, but if you don’t use it carefully, it can also bring many risks and disadvantages.

Humans are in charge of everything we do at Galaxy Personnel because we believe AI should expand and improve human ability, not replace it. Enhance your recruitment processes, find the best talent efficiently, and drive your organisation towards success!

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