Employees’ Considerations Before Accepting Counter Offers from Other Companies

12 December 2022

You’ve been given a job offer, which is wonderful. However, since you already handed in your resignation, your current employer is battling for you and giving you a counteroffer.  Should you take it and stay? Or decline it and go?

A counteroffer is undoubtedly alluring and tempting but carries unique setbacks and restrictions. There are numerous factors to take into account when deciding whether or not to accept a counteroffer. You shouldn’t make a decision carelessly because it could have a big impact on your career. For various reasons that we’ll discuss below, if you find yourself in this circumstance, we suggest carefully assessing the best course of action for your future.

Recall Your Motives

Although many people accept counteroffers, they frequently don’t pan out. Money won’t make up for leaving your work because you didn’t feel appreciated there. A counteroffer won’t be sufficient if you leave because you were given a better opportunity elsewhere. Additionally, accepting a counteroffer won’t make you happy overnight if you quit because you weren’t satisfied with your current circumstances. Therefore, the first step should be to reflect on what inspired you to leave. Accepting the counteroffer on the table could ultimately leave you unsatisfied if it doesn’t meet all of your concerns.

Know Your Comfort Zone

By accepting a job offer, you should be able to explore new opportunities and experiences that will challenge and stimulate you. Great, if a counteroffer permits that! But think carefully about whether you are drawn to it merely because it is a familiar and comfortable alternative that satisfies some of your requirements or whether it will help you in your career. Staying in your comfort zone may prevent growth and transformation if you want to expand your skill set and find new challenges in a new career or organisation. But you have to be prepared to take a chance. Putting yourself out there and inviting change could be a terrific step to opening doors you never even knew existed.

A Counter Offer Can Be a Temporary Fix

Be extremely cautious when accepting a counteroffer if your motives for wanting change extend beyond a salary increase. A pay raise is undoubtedly alluring, but cultural concerns can have a greater daily impact than income difficulties and are not always amenable to resolution. You ought to look farther than the dollar signs. A pay raise may divert your attention from the underlying problems that led to your job search in the first place. You cannot change culture, processes, and people in a single day. Furthermore, no amount of money can miraculously solve complex problems. Do it for the right reasons, not the wrong ones, if you’re going to stay.

It’s Still an Opportunity, After All

When you receive a counteroffer, you are forced to pause and decide what matters most to you and your career. Is it money? Flexibility? Teammates? Learning opportunities? Support? Some things are beyond the reach of money. Whatever you choose, this position offers an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your priorities. Finally, whatever course of action you decide to pursue, make sure to wrap things up politely, professionally, and respectfully. Regardless of your choice, don’t forget to express your gratitude to the hiring manager, employer, or recruiter for their time and effort.

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