Guide on How to Answer the Most Difficult Job Interview Questions

09 January 2023

No matter how carefully you prepare, some unexpected job interview questions will inevitably arise. These challenging job interview questions are known to interviewers. In fact, they frequently ask these in their job interviews to determine your capacity to respond appropriately while under pressure or caught off guard. Knowing how to respond effectively to these challenging interview questions might help you stand out from the interviewee’s perspective.

We recently spoke with hundreds of highly qualified Australian professionals and asked them to list the most difficult interview questions they are never sure how to respond to. There are three hardest interview questions mentioned over and time again. These are undoubtedly the questions that job seekers find the most challenging, so we’ve listed all three below, along with our suggestions for how to respond to each.

Tell Me About Yourself

While some claim that this is a simple job interview question to respond to, many respondents claimed that it is so ambiguous that they are unsure of where to begin or what details to offer. It is frequently one of the first questions in an interview. Therefore, it contributes to the interviewer’s first impression of you. You must therefore give a thoughtful response.

Start by summarising your professional and educational backgrounds in your response to this question, and include only the ones pertinent to the position. Then briefly discuss your relevant qualifications for the position, offering a quantifiable example to back up your assertions. Finally, briefly describe why you want this position at this company.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

This challenging interview question aims to gauge your level of self-awareness and your willingness to take proactive steps to address any technical or soft skill deficiencies. Consider a real-life weakness that you are attempting to overcome before the interview. Ensure your weakness is a nice-to-have talent rather than a crucial work need.

Explain in the interview how you are attempting to solve this shortcoming. Employers appreciate lifelong learners, so present an example and then discuss the advancements you are making to demonstrate your solution-focused nature.

Why Do You Want the Job?

This interview question may at first look resemble the question, “Why are you the best candidate for the job? However, by posing this question, the interviewer is attempting to ascertain your precise motivations for seeking this particular position at this particular time in this particular organisation. They are interested in learning how your reasons for seeking a new career align with this opening.

Avoiding focusing on gains that are either financial or non-financial is the key to addressing this issue. They won’t take you seriously if you claim, for example, that you want to increase your benefits, raise your income, or utilise this position as an opportunity to advance your skills. Instead, focus on how this role fits your career aspirations, how happy you are for being interviewed for the position, and your excitement for the company and job responsibilities.

These top 3 most difficult interview questions are just some of the series of interview questions that you will encounter during a job interview. You should also learn the 5 effective ways to respond to interview questions to prepare yourself for your upcoming job interview better.

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