Job Interview: 5 Signs That You Rocked It!

07 November 2022

Your previous job interview went quite well, or so you believe. You think you did a fantastic job demonstrating how your qualifications and expertise meet the organisation’s requirements. You answered all the questions with ease. After understanding you and the hiring manager both have furry pals at home, you even laughed along at the peculiar things pets do. Everything points to the fact that you rocked the interview, but what exactly are the signs of a successful interview? Take a look at the following signs of a successful interview to stop second-guessing yourself and start feeling more assured that you did shine:

The Interview Went Longer Than Expected

Job applicants are typically scheduled for interviews during existing meetings and other commitments. It’s always a good sign if the interview went over by more than a few minutes. It means the interviewer was impressed with what you said and wanted to ask more questions.

You and the Interviewer Seemed to Get Along

It is another essential indicator that an interview went well. You can usually tell when you get along with someone. There is a slight improvement in the conversation’s flow. Your witty remarks are met with a smile or laughter. An indication that a job interview went well is if the interviewer seemed like an old friend. Additionally, it’s a strong sign that you’d fit in well with the workplace culture of the business.

You Were Asked About Your Other Employment Options

When interviewers enquire about other job interviews, they’re attempting to gauge how quickly they should advance you to the next phase of the hiring process. They can feel under pressure to stop you from defecting to another business. You would be a candidate for the post if they booked the second interview before the first ended or said they would get in touch with you right away to arrange a follow-up.

They Extended You an Invitation to Meet Other Employees

When they introduced you to people that weren’t on the itinerary, you know an interview went well. That would imply that you were being considered as a possible co-worker. If that occurs again during a subsequent interview, be amiable to everyone you meet to leave a positive impression on them. Additionally, take advantage of the chance to ask questions to learn more about the company culture and to determine if these are folks you might see yourself working with every day.

They Requested Your References

If the company makes this request after your initial interview, it suggests they were impressed and want to get the hiring process forwards quickly. It is, therefore, wise to compile a solid list of professional references in advance of the interview so that these important connections are aware that you are doing so and are prepared to take calls from prospective employers.

These indicators listed above are a positive sign that you did very well as a candidate, even though there are no assurances that your first interview will result in a second interview or that your second interview will result in a job offer. So, if it turns out that you don’t secure the job, try not to get discouraged. Keep in touch if you like the company. Request the recruiting manager’s opinion. Don’t wait to apply if there is ever another opportunity with the company you are interested in.

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