Land Your Dream Job with These Top Etiquette Tips

01 December 2022

It takes more than just a strong resume (and cover letter) to land your ideal job; you also need to conduct yourself professionally on and off the phone. These tips will help you appear knowledgeable, dependable, and likeable during your job hunt, improving your chances of getting the job you want. Never underestimate the power of traditional manners!

Always Answer Your Phone

In today’s competitive job market, it is more crucial than ever to pick up the phone when it rings, especially if you are anticipating a call from a recruiter or possible employer. In addition to setting the tone, picking up the phone demonstrates your interest in and desire to chat with the caller. Furthermore, the caller might hang up and phone someone else if you don’t answer straight away! Sometimes it may be simpler to let voicemail take over, but recruiters won’t know if you are available if there are unanswered calls in your voicemail mailbox. When you can, pick up the phone and give them a quick response so they may get in touch with you about potential prospects rather than turning to applicants who might not be as qualified or enthusiastic as you are.

Additionally, don’t use your phone while being interviewed. Interviewers hate it when candidates’ phones ring while they are being interviewed. Keep your phone off or on quiet to demonstrate that you are considerate of everyone else’s time at work and that you are engaged in the interview.

Always be on Time

Arriving on time (or, better yet, early!) is one of the most crucial things you can do when meeting a potential employer or recruiter. It demonstrates that you value their time and are enthusiastic about the chance. Call them ahead of time to let them know if you’ll be late, and extend your sincere apologies.

Manifest an Interest in the Company Culture 

Many employers place a high value on company culture, so it’s important to research the cultures of the organisations you’re interested in working for and be ready to talk about how you would fit in. Discover the company’s history, purpose, and core principles. It will enable you to assess whether the company is suitable for you.

Be Friendly but Professional

Making a strong impression on the recruiter is the first step to landing your ideal job. From the outset, make sure to project professionalism and friendliness. It entails being kind and considerate in person and over the phone and promptly giving them all the information, they request. If anything doesn’t make sense to you, don’t be scared to ask a question. Additionally, be prepared for both in-person and telephone encounters.

Dress Accordingly

Do not forget to dress for the role you desire, not the role you now have. Speak with your recruiter, or maybe just search online if you’re unsure what to wear. Most businesses are more laid back, but you don’t want to come out as careless. Overdressing is preferable to underdressing.

Ensure that you also know the things to keep in mind when engaging with recruitment companies so you are well prepared and manifest an interest in applying for the job. If you need help to land your dream job, we at Galaxy Personnel PTY Ltd are ready to help you. Contact us at (03) 8720 7800 for more enquiries.

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