Tips on How to Create an Outstanding Resume

06 February 2023

While it’s impossible to give you precise instructions on what to put in your resume, a few common details frequently appear and should be included if they apply to you. Consider leaving out the material if you can’t fit it in your resume in a way that makes sense. When prospective employers want to learn more about you than what is written down on paper, they will always read between the lines. Here are some of the simplest tips for creating an outstanding resume!

Use Simple Language and Active Verbs

The top of your resume should contain your name and contact details. You should list your previous job in reverse chronological order. If you have experience that is pertinent to the position, make sure to mention it right away. When possible, use short sentences and action verbs.  Instead of simply asserting that you have excellent communication skills, provide concrete examples to support your claim. Quantify any skill that might be regarded as subjective.

Personalise Your Resume

Making your resume specifically for the job you’re applying for is the secret to a great resume. But instead of just copying and pasting from the job description, take advantage of this chance to showcase your personality and skills that match what they’re looking for. Ensure to exclude duties that are irrelevant or don’t match the job description when filling out the professional experience section. Instead, highlight accomplishments that will set you apart from other candidates. Include volunteerism and education that support the company’s CSR goals and the job requirements for the position. Use bullet points rather than paragraphs so hiring managers can quickly scan your application without feeling overwhelmed.

Exclude Irrelevant Things

As previously stated, your resume needs to be customised for the position you are applying for. Make sure to include the credentials if the position specifies them. However, you should keep it tidy and brief without any extraneous information. Consider the possibility that, ten years from now, that internship at the water park won’t be useful for an accounting position.

Always Proofread!

Proofreading is the best way to ensure that your resume stands out. Typos may mean the difference in whether you receive a callback or not. You should ensure that your resume supports the statement that the position requires “key attention to detail” by fixing any mistakes. You can review your resume using various internet programmes, such as Grammarly or the spellchecker in Microsoft Word. Another option is to have someone else proofread your resume for errors. Last but not least, remember to read it backwards! It’s sometimes possible to spot mistakes by viewing something from a different perspective.

Following the above tips will result in an outstanding resume that can help raise your chances of getting the job you desire! If you need more tips, Galaxy Personnel is a Recruitment Specialist that can help you find a job that suits your skills and knowledge. Feel free to browse our jobs board; together, we can achieve your career goals and aim for the best in what you’re good at. Contact us at (03) 8720 7800 today!

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