Understanding Labour Hire in Australia

20 January 2023

Labour hire refers to providing temporary or contract employees to another company by a third-party entity. It is a typical arrangement applied to many different sectors in Australia. The labour-hire company is in charge of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring workers and supplying them as needed to the client company. Labour hire can be utilised for full-time or part-time labour, as well as temporary and permanent positions. It’s a standard technique in many Australian industries and can help businesses staff up for certain projects or spikes in demand. The employer will typically be charged a one-time fee for using it to fill openings in permanent roles.

Status and Cost of Labour Hire in Australia

In Australia, there are a lot of labour hire agencies, each with a specific area of expertise. Labour hire accounts for about 1% of Australian employment. Galaxy Personnel can help you with your Blue- and White-Collar Recruitment demands by providing comprehensive labour hiring and recruitment services throughout Melbourne and Rural Victoria. We can supply workers for both temporary and permanent employment in various sectors, including manufacturing, trades, warehouse, office support, medical office support, and executive appointments.

Depending on the industry and the kind of position you are hiring for, labour hire costs in Australia vary from company to company. Businesses may discuss an hourly rate, daily rate, weekly rate, or sourcing fee for permanent positions.

Which Industries Gain the Most from Recruitment and Labour Hire Agencies?

It is more common in some industries to use labour-hire arrangements. These may be locations of employment where there are peak seasonal or contractual demand periods, and temporary staff is needed (such as shutdowns at a factory). These sectors include manufacturing, public administration & support, hospitality, administrative & support workers, and trades & services.

Additionally, businesses can use labour hiring to fill in any temporary employment gaps (due to permanent employees taking maternity leave, sick leave, long-service leave etc.). Businesses may benefit from this arrangement as it spares them the inconvenience and expense of hiring and training new personnel.

Why Use Labour Hire to Recruit Employees?

The use of labour-hire has various advantages. It can give businesses access to a bigger pool of qualified workers and enable more flexibility in employment plans. It may present an opportunity for employees to obtain experience in a different sector or business. Access to a bigger pool of possible employees, the capacity to filter and choose personnel based on certain talents and expertise, flexibility in staffing levels, and lower expenses associated with hiring, training, and managing staff are a few more benefits.

With a staff of knowledgeable recruiting consultants, Galaxy Personnel is a leading labour hire company in Melbourne and rural Victoria that can assist you in finding the best personnel for your company. We provide a full spectrum of labour hire services, from candidate sourcing and screening through payroll administration and compliance.

Are you a client looking for staff? Please contact one of our team on 8720 7800 to discuss your recruitment needs. We can assist you with the right staff to support your needs. We are proud of our reputation for supplying quality personnel across many business areas.

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