What Makes Galaxy Personnel a Reliable Recruitment Specialist?

26 September 2022

Finding the best applicant for the job, no matter what it may be, is at the core of Galaxy Personnel’s responsibility. This means that in addition to having a thorough understanding of the position we are hiring for, we also need to have a complete understanding of the business we work for. As a good recruiter, we are fully aware of a company’s needs, the demands of the position being offered, and the qualities to search for in a potential employee.

We have a broad range of skills. The main factors that distinguish Galaxy Personal as a reliable recruitment specialist are as follows:

We Are Excellent Communicators

We will communicate with a variety of folks all day long. We frequently mediate between two parties (internal and external stakeholders). To guarantee that all parties comprehend communications, we made sure that all our specialists have great communication skills. To draw candidates to a certain position and persuade them that ours is the organisation they want to work for, we have improved our sales abilities.

We Are Good at Time Management and Multitasking Skills

We’ll probably be hiring for several positions at once as a recruiter. We’ll be working under stringent deadlines because there may be times when some roles need to be filled more quickly than others. It’s crucial to keep in mind not to rush this procedure. If we do, we might choose to hire someone who is not the best candidate for the position. Here time management becomes important.

Additionally, to complete tasks on schedule and be able to follow up with, call back, and inform various stakeholders during the hiring process, we will need to juggle our obligations and possess strong multitasking skills.

We Are Organised

This complements the earlier point. We are extremely organised in addition to having excellent time management and multitasking skills! Keep in mind that we’ll probably be working with numerous candidates at once, so we’ll need to properly compartmentalise their information to avoid (worst case scenario) inadvertently hiring the wrong individual.

We Are Critical Thinkers

Objective analysis is a key component of critical thinking, which involves depending on our brains rather than our guts. Instead of making our decision simply on how we may feel about a person, a skilled recruiter like us can evaluate a possible candidate objectively based on the evidence we see in front of us (such as credentials, qualifications, experience, etc.). This does not imply that we ignore our gut instinct, though. To make the best conclusion, it’s critical to strike a balance between objective and subjective judgement.

We Have Strong Interpersonal Skills

Every day as a recruiter, we’ll speak with a variety of folks in person, over the phone, or through email. These stakeholders may be internal or external. We must project an affable, kind, and reliable demeanour. This will enable us to get to know candidates better and make them feel at ease and comfortable during the interview process, allowing us to get the most out of the experience.

Have you ever had a horrible interviewing experience that caused you to second-guess your desire to accept a specific job? We will serve as the company’s face because we will most likely be the first person a prospect meets. Initial impressions matter! Contact Us today!

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