Recruitment Services Tips on How to Use Body Language for Your Job Interview

12 April 2023

Body language is a form of nonverbal communication that involves gestures and movements. During a job interview, an interviewer may consciously or unconsciously pay attention to your body language, which could impact their choice of candidate. When you interview for a job, knowing how to control your body language will help the interviewer see you as a strong applicant who is confident in yourself. This post provides some tips for incorporating body language during a job interview.

Start by Making a Confident Entrance

There may be a waiting area before the interview room when you attend a job interview in person. You can make a good impression by walking confidently into the office or meeting space when the interviewer calls you in. If you can, stand up straight and tall. Look up rather than down at the floor while maintaining your arms and hands at your sides. Make sure you gather all your belongings, including any bags or other personal items, before standing up and approaching the interviewer. You can pick up everything at once if you have everything assembled. By doing this, you may come across as more organised.

Shake the Interviewer’s Hand

You can shake the interviewer’s hand as soon as you arrive for the interview. You can start the handshake by extending your hand and wait for the interviewer to extend their hand to you. Hold the interviewer’s hand firmly and hold it for around two seconds while introducing yourself. You can wait for the interviewer to initiate the handshake if you don’t feel confident doing so or if you are unsure of their preferences.

Use Eye Contact Appropriately

Making appropriate eye contact with the interviewer is another way to use body language to win their favour. Instead of staring at your hands or the floor during the interview, strive to make eye contact with the interviewer to demonstrate interest and attention. And if you speak to a panel during an interview, attempt to look each individual in the eye. If only one interviewer is speaking, look them in the eye. You can change your eye contact with the new individual once they speak. You can make eye contact with different people in the room while you talk to demonstrate that you regard every one of their attention equally.

Nod Your Head to Show You’re Listening

Active listening is one skill needed for a good interview. You must respond to the interviewer’s questions and share information about yourself, but you can also pay attention to what they have to say. The interviewer can provide crucial details about the qualifications for the open position and the working environment. You can demonstrate that you’re paying attention by nodding appropriately. You can also tilt your head to indicate that you’re thinking and intend to recall what they’re saying.

Smile at Appropriate Times

You can maintain a friendly demeanour during your interview by smiling when it makes sense for the topic. You may laugh to demonstrate your delight at the interviewer’s joke or light-hearted remark. Eyes that are widened and eyebrows that are raised can also be used to convey excitement or astonishment.

Nonverbal communication is one of the skills that might help you make a good impression in interviews and your professional life. With the help of Galaxy Personnel, we can assist you in preparing yourself for your job interview. Call us at (03) 8720 7800 for your enquiries.

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